Kaia lighting is timeless elegance and purity wrought in geometric perfection and rigorous design. The design process is a continuous journey with no beginnings and no endings, a circle: with light off you respond to it as an aesthetic object; with the light on, you value its function. Kaia honours the construction of its objects. Where a screw is required it is openly displayed, design created with the presence of each element in mind with the excellence of traditional craftsmanship, combined with latest technology. Created objects of harmony, born out of function and honesty.

KAIA combines the application of art, construction technique and craftsmanship with the vision to explore things to their very essence. We create objects that speak their own language: Functional beauty, simplicity, timelessness, purity, elegance in geometric perfection.

KAIA are Polynesian gods of creation that represent both the lighter and darker sides of life; with the lights off you value the aesthetic object and with the light on its function.

KAIA Lighting works directly with leading architects, interior and lighting designers all over the world on finest residential, hospitality and commercial projects.

COMPANY and Team

We are a multicultural company with a small team of talented and design passionate individuals. Since 2013 when London based Managing Director Manuela Szewald joined the company, Kaia’s headquarter is based in London. With the Workshop still traditionally based in Austria, Judenau close to Vienna. In 2018 Kaia extended its presence with a representative office in Germany, Munich. The company was founded in 2003 by Peter Straka, who is Kaia’s most influential designer, greatly inspired by the clean lines and geometric decoration of Vienna’s Secessionist architecture. Peter used his hands-on experience, knowledge of engineering and expertly trained eye to produce an impressive collection of sculptural lighting designs that celebrate purity, precise geometry and honesty of construction.


We love collaborating with other designers and brands who share our passion for craftsmanship and creating beautiful objects. Together we master the challenges of creating limited and special editions. Whilst pushing the boundaries of metal and glass production, discovering new materials like marble and establishing a sophisticated new aesthetic, we still ensure that we are in line with our design language.