Product Enquiry: Designer




Peter is the founder and creative mind behind KAIA. Born and brought up in Vienna, Peter started his career, surrounded by the smell of iron, as a metal worker for the public tram service. With no space for individuality and creativity Peter started his quest for more. Peter accomplished this first through evening school, followed by studying engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. Examining elements and their mechanics in the utmost detail, a decisive moment occurred and Peter realised: He wanted to create objects of beauty.

In 1998 Peter was accepted at the Viennese University of Applied Arts, a pillar of the Jugendstil Movement, this institution awakened Peter’s passion for the Movement and its rebellious thinking, forming the biggest influence in his future work.

The vision was born, and one year after finishing his studies Peter founded KAIA, to create lighting objects that capture his passionate journey to the essential.